Do you know a California startup company inspiring consumers and eliminating carbon emissions in energy and transportation? Nominate a startup below!

The LACI Earth Day Innovator Award recognizes startup companies on a mission to put the action in climate action by creating the solutions we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions. This award recognizes companies that are addressing some of our toughest challenges:

  • Renewable energy - generation and platforms for increasing clean energy access

  • Energy storage - technologies and platforms that can increase adoption of energy storage and long duration storage technologies.

  • Energy efficiency – products and platforms that reduce energy use in the home, workplace and/or industrial setting.

  • Grid optimization – hardware and software that improve grid responsiveness to changing renewable energy sources and demand, increase the security of the grid, enable new energy assets to be added to our energy mix (i.e. battery electric vehicles and distributed energy resources).

  • EV charging – hardware and software that get more people to drive electric, increase access to EV chargers, new charging technologies.

The winner will be honored at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival April 27 and 28, 2019, receive free booth space, present their pitch on the Eco Marketplace stage, and be recognized alongside other environmental awardees on the festival’s Main Stage. This public event is one of the largest Earth Day celebrations on the West Coast with more than 30,000 attendees a year!

 Companies must be a California-based company and founded no more than six years ago.

 Want to nominate your own company? Go for it!

Nominations are due April 10, 2019. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges from LACI and the Community Environmental Council. The winner will be notified in mid April.


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